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Denmark Thrills Adventure Park

Bringing JOY to the child within us all!


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Like the world over, Denmark Thrills has changed in 2020


Denmark Thrills is the home of the world’s longest Globeriding track, the only one of its kind is Australia!!

Also known as Hydro-Orbing or Zorbing, this is a must-do for any thrillseekers experiencing W.A.

Get inside a 3m diameter Globe, either by yourself or with someone you don’t mind getting up close and personal with. We throw in 40L of water (warm on the mountain run). You lay back and relax and we roll you off down a purpose-built track that safely guides the ball to the bottom of the hill, with you inside. You slide, laugh, and probably squeal, this is an adventure like no other.

Denmark Thrills is the only place in Australia to enjoy this super fun activity, so don’t miss out…

About Us

This park is family owned and operated and has been developed with the love of many families in the Denmark Community. Who have brought what they have to give with the intention to create somewhere joyful, for the good of our town and regions development as a whole. I give thanks for The Castelli Group and all of our other local people and businesses who have contributed their time, energy and resources to see this park come to life.

A girl walking in front of a zorb ball with Denmark Thrills Adventure Park logo on it

Denmark Thrills Adventure Park

Bringing JOY to the child within us all!

380 Mt Shadforth rd, Shadforth, only 3kms from the Denmark CBD

PH: 0434 070 434 or email

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