The most unique thrill ride in Western Australia!

ABOUT Denmark Thrills 

  • Denmark Thrills is the home of the world's longest Globeriding track.
  • Open 7 days a week from 9am-4pm at peak times, weather permitting. By booking only at off-peak times.
  • Providing keen thrillseekers with an epic experience that will get their heart pumping
  • Australia's one and only facility, offering this incredible bucket list experience, with an impeccable safety record since 2016.
  • Bookings recommended at all times and essential from May - September 
  • World class location at Castelli Estate, amongst the Giant Karri Trees, on top of Mt Shadforth, over looking the Scotsdale valley, Mt Lindesay, the Porongurups and Bluff Knoll, only 3kms from Denmark CBD.
  • A must do for all those with an adventurous spirit!
  • A family owned and operated experience, for thrillseekers aged above 8years+.

    What is Globeriding?

    Dive inside a 3m diameter Bubble within a bubble, with 40L of water, (cool on warm days and warm on cool days). Slip, slide and squeal with delight as you enjoy the globeriding experience. This is an epic ride to share with someone you don't mind getting up close and personal with, like a friend, family member or someone else you love!

     You will link arms, lay back and relax in the water, as we push you down the purpose built tracks, that safely guides the globe. We have three different tracks at Denmark Thrills, The Mountain Run (the world's longest globeriding track at 570m long, with five corners - open all year round), Mally Bull Bend is a 150m long track also open now, which is suitable for everyone aged 6+ and The Downhill Dash, re-opening in September 2022 as this is a cold water only ride, for warmer months. 


    Who is this for? Whether you are solo, a pair, a trio or a group of thrillseekers, your visit to Denmark Thrills, will help you create memories that will last a lifetime. This activity is for people who are looking to add an exciting highlight to their holiday, special event, or celebration, challenge themselves, move through their comfort zone and enjoy a really good laugh.

    You are welcome to book now if you like as numbers are limited to only 32 rides per day. Or if you have plenty of time you are welcome to come on in and enjoy the view, have a warm drink and see for yourself why thousands of keen thrillseekers flock to Denmark Thrills  each year.


    Your hosts Matt and Amelia have supported more than 45,000 guests, as they have moved safely  through their comfort zone at Denmark Thrills, since they opened in April 2016. They have a genuine love of people and sharing this great experience with others. 

    They are down to earth people, who are flexible and accomodating, so if you need help, at any point, give them a call or email, they will assist you in any way they can.


    Absolutely  incredible experience. Amelia and Matt are the greatest  of hosts, and the experience...so very, very brilliant. One of the very best experiences  we've had. Could not recommend highly enough.

    Stefan Urlus  July 28th 2021

    Awesome fun!!! Definately recommend! Our group had the best experience! Thank you!! You guys were amazing.. so welcoming and accommodating to our group… You guys are all awesome! Kids and adults just loved doing the hydro-orbing. A experience you must try.. you’ll love it!!

    LARA Morgan  January 2022

    Thank you Amelia and Matt for a wonderful zorbing adventure! You were so considerate of our safety and needs on the day and simply made the whole experience comfortable and unforgettable!

    Ashley Sim April 2021

    Will I tumble down the hill?

    No, you will slide inside the ball, always staying at the bottom of the globe as the globe rolls around you, similar to sliding inside a moving water slide.


    Will I get wet?

    Yes, you will get completely wet, totally saturated.


    Will the weather effect my ride?

    Yes, we have a few considerations to make due to weather. 

    1. We don't operate in winds above 30kms p/h or temperatures above 35degress

    2. We don't operate the Downhill dash in cooler months, and warm water is used in the globes on The Mountain Run and Mally Bull bend, when temperatures are lower than 20degrees. 


    Will I get a full refund, if my ride is cancelled?

    Yes, we will always issue our guests a full refund if, for any reason the ride can't take place as scheduled. As long as we have been notified by the participant before their booked time. 

    Connect with your own courage and safely move through your comfort zone today!

    Globeriding, Hydro-Orbing, Zorbing, this ride is known by different names all over the world. But Denmark Thrills is the only place in Australia, to enjoy this unique bucket-list experience.

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