Your host Matt, came to The Amazing South Coast in 1996. Amelia arrived to the area in 2005, they met a few months later, and have enjoyed so much the region has to offer since then. By 2010 Matt and Amelia, not only had five children together, they had also started Great Southern Earth Bricks. Their handmade bricks and pavers are featured in many beautiful homes, in nearly every street in Denmark. 

You see like many Denmarkians, Matt and Amelia really believe in sustainable living, and that has been taken into major consideration with the creation of Denmark Thrills. With recycled containers for buildings, burying 3500 tyres in the walls of the globeriding tracks, and a strong focus on employing locals wherever possible, from tradies to attendants.

In 2014 Amelia went home to NZ on holiday with a friend, eager to move through her comfort zone and enjoy some of the bucket-list experiences her home region is known for. They skydived, Bungee jumped, did white water rafting, jetboat riding, Canyoning, caving and so much more. But Amelia's favourite was Globeriding and even though she loves living in W.A. she recognised that we need more unique, fun things to do. The Denmark Thrills journey began from there. 

By late 2015 the world's longest globeriding track had been constructed and the park was open to the public in April 2016.  Pre covid-19 we had 10 different activities in operation and a team of 18 staff. We have supported more than 40,000 guests, from all over the world and Australia to move through their comfort zone since opening.

With well over 400 five star reviews online and an average 4.7 star rating, our guests are really enjoying the experience and we are proud of what we have created for you.

Since 2020, we are focused completely on offering an amazing Hydro-Orbing experience for our guests, as maintaining a high level of hygiene at all times is possible for this activity. Unlike our previous business model, where social distancing was impossible.

We really love our work. We love meeting a wide diversity of people, who have one thing in common, a desire to enjoy all the FUN experiences life has to offer. So if this sounds like you, please pop by and say hello, we look forward to meeting you.

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