Will I tumble down the hill?

No, you will slide inside the ball, always staying at the bottom of the globe as the globe rolls around you, similar to sliding inside a moving water slide.

Will I get wet?

Yes, you will get completely wet, totally saturated.

Will the weather affect my ride? 

Yes, we have a few considerations to make due to weather for your safety and enjoyment of your ride.

1. We don't operate in winds above 30kms p/h or temperatures above 35degress

2. We don't operate the Downhill dash in cooler months, and warm water is used in the globes on The Mountain Run and Mally Bull bend when temperatures are lower than 20degrees. 

Will I get a full refund if my ride is cancelled?

Yes, we will always issue our guests a full refund if, for any reason the ride can't take place as scheduled. As long as we have been notified by the participant before their booked time. 

Do we have to walk back up the hill?

Not when riding The Mountain Run,  or The Downhill Dash, and it is only a short walk back up the hill from the end of Mally Bull Bend. 

Can the ball come out of the track?

The globeriding tracks at Denmark Thrills are epic structures with walls made of thousands of recycled tyres, dirt and covered in grass. The tracks walls are up to 3.5m high where necessary and are made to globeriding code of safe operation specifications.

Is is safe?

This is an extremely safe activity, We have had tens of thousands of people enjoy globeriding at Denmark Thrills, each and every participant has been completely safe throughout their experience. 

Is there a go-pro we can use?

Yes, you can use our go-pro during your ride at Denmark Thrills, it is completely FREE of charge and liability,  if for some reason, it breaks during your ride. We will even edit your clip for you and upload it to a social media platform of your choice. Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or YouTube or else send it directly to you through Facebook messenger, or Instagram messages. This is a complimentary service for all participants who choose it.

Are Globeriding and Hydro-Orbing two different rides?

No they are two different names for the same thing. Globeriding is the industry term, for many different ways in which you can ride a globe, also known as a Zorb ball. Hydro-orbing, is what we call Globeriding whilst on a track, with water inside the ball with you. 

Do I run around inside the ball to operate it?

No, there is only one rule when you globeride....that is 'No standing In the ball at any time'. 

Can we have 3 people inside the ball at one time?

Yes you can have three children on the Downhill Dash and Mally Bull bend, whilst within the weight restriction limits. NO, you can only have maximum of 2 participants globeriding on The Mountain Run.

Is there a weight limit?

The minimum combined weight for Downhill Dash and Mally Bull Bend is 60kgs

The minimum combined weight for The Mountain Run is 80kgs

The maximum combined weight for any globeride at Denmark Thrills is 200kgs

How many people have vomited after this ride?

No one has ever vomited whilst globeriding at Denmark Thrills, you aren't tumbling or receiving massive amounts of g-force throughout your experience. 

Can I breathe in there?  

Yes you have at least three hours of air inside the ball once the  zipper has been done up. Your actual ride time, while you are enclosed in  the ball is a maximum of 2.5 minutes.

Can the ball break?

No, this globe is highly unlike anything you have seen before, as we are the only place in Australia, who have these balls. They are custom made for this activity and are incredibly durable. If there is any sign of compromise to their safety and integrity they are retired immediately.

Can my 6 year old ride The Mountain Run?

The minimum age to ride The Mountain Run is 13years old. Children aged between 6-12 are welcome to ride The Mountain Run, BUT they must have experienced one of the smaller globeriding tracks at Denmark Thrills first. So they know what to expect and also ride with a parent. Our maximum age limit is 65

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?

Yes, you will need to wear either bathers, boardies or shorts and a cotton t-shirt, free of any zippers or buttons. 

Can I wear my wetsuit or rash vest while globeriding?

No, they will inhibit the flow of the ride.

Do you have clothes and a towel I can use?

Yes, we have plenty of spare clean clothes, towels and goggles available for our guests to use at Denmark Thrills, if they require.

Do you sell hot drinks and food?

No, we don't sell food or drink, but we do have complimentary hot drinks and drinking water available for all of our guests, we also offer BBQ facilities and picnic tables, for those who would like to use them.

Do you use fresh water inside the ball?

Yes, the water inside the ball is fresh everything. It is either rainwater collected on site, or potable water that is carted to us, during peak times. 

How often do you clean the Globe?

All of our globes are fully disinfected, between each ride. 

Is there accommodation near by?

Yes, there is a wide variety of accommodation choices available in Denmark, or nearby Walpole, Albany or Mt Barker, all with something different to offer. From camping, Airbnb, hote,s or motels, there is lots on offer.   If you require any assistance or recommendations, please call us on 0434 070 434, we are always happy to help.

What else is there to do in Denmark?

Denmark is a hidden gem, still unknown to many, (even West Australians). Boasting some of the most strikingly diverse range of beaches anywhere in Australia from the safe and tranquil Greens Pool and Elephant Cove, to some of the biggest  waves at conspicuous cliffs. The incredible Granite outcrops that scatter the coastline, like a Giant has played marbles with the rocks in the area. The abundance of Giant Karri trees, bush walks, hills to climb, surf beaches, 4x4 tracks, wineries, great places to eat, wildflowers in spring, wide open spaces and the beauty nature where the first meets the sea. 

How far is Denmark Thrills from Perth?

416 kms

What other attractions are in the region?

There are some really great attractions right across the Great Southern region, including some of W.A.s tallest peaks, with Bluff knoll being the biggest. We are lucky enough to have a great view of many of them, from the globe launch at Denmark Thrills.  The Valley of the Giants treetop walk, which is on your way to Walpole is a stunning drive and a must do for all who love trees. You can walk amongst the treetops on a suspended bridge, the first of its kind in Australia. Purpose built so we can enjoy some of the most ancient trees in Western Australia whilst the  forest roots below can remain greatly untouched. There are a number of national parks with great facilities and viewing platforms, like the skywalk at the Porongurups and The Gap, natural bridge. If you prefer to enjoy the road less travelled, there are so many places to explore the beauty of nature, in the amazing south coast, enough to keep you busy for years. 

Are there any other thrilling experiences on offer in the region?

There are some incredible seasonal experiences on offer, with wildflowers everywhere from September-November and Whale watching from June - August. Adventure training consultants also offer training for rock-climbing and sea kayaking in the area. Or if deep sea fishing is your thing you can check out Madfish Charters, they can take you out on a deep sea adventure. If hang-gliding is your thing there is even a launch platform at Shelley Beach, approx 25kms from Denmark Thrills, situated at West Cape Howe National Park, the Southern most tip of Western Australia. 


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