Denmark Thrills offers a Safe, Fun, adrenaline rush experience for keen thrillseekers. However due to Australian laws and Insurance policies, you are required to complete and sign this disclaimer, before globeriding at Denmark Thrills Adventure Park.

Please print, sign and return when you visit, or sign upon arrival to Denmark Thrills
Access agreement and Liability Waiver
Denmark Thrills
(to be completed for every participant – please read carefully)
While attending the business premises of Denmark Thrills Adventure Park I agree to use the facilities, equipment and services on the following conditions; 1. I understand and acknowledge that participating in activities at Denmark Thrills carries with it certain risks and dangers. I also understand that some activities are physically demanding and as such I accept and assume, (to the maximum extent permitted by law), all risks and dangers associated with my use of equipment, services and facilities at Denmark Thrills Adventure Park 2. I agree to listen to the attendant at Denmark Thrills and follow instructions carefully, for my own safety. 3. On behalf of myself, my representatives and my heirs, I agree to release, exclude and forever hold harmless Denmark Thrills, its Company, Directors, Employees, Contractors, Representatives, Agents, Successors, Assignees and Volunteers from all liability claims or demands of any nature no matter how it may arise in respect to any injury, loss, damage or death suffered as a result of my use of the equipment, facilities or services at Denmark Thrills Adventure Park. 4. I agree to comply with instructions from Denmark Thrills staff and the rules of the venue which may be displayed on signage, video display or written form. 5. I hereby declare that I am sufficiently fit, (both physically and mentally), to perform the various activities at Denmark Thrills and have not been advised otherwise. I further acknowledge that Denmark Thrills staff are not medically qualified to provide me such health advice. 6. I agree that my entry may be voided through non-compliance with the rules and instructions set down by Denmark Thrills or through my actions or behaviour as assessed by Denmark Thrills staff. If asked to leave the venue I will do so immediately and understand that I will not receive a refund. 7. I hereby consent to receive medical or first aid treatment which may be deemed necessary by medical professionals, Denmark Thrills staff, or volunteers. I understand that such treatment is administered at my own risk. I DECLARE THAT I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS DOCUMENT AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


  1. I hereby agree to the nominated person/persons attending Denmark Thrills and using the equipment, services and facilities of Denmark Thrills on the terms and conditions stated above in this entire document. 2. I agree that all children under the age of 15 attending Denmark Thrills must always be supervised by a parent or guardian . 3. I agree that children between the age of 15 and 18 who are left unattended at Denmark Thrills are not the responsibility of Denmark Thrills or its staff. 4. I sign this document on behalf of myself and the nominated person/persons under 18 years of age.
    We have implemented all means necessary to ensure your safety, but this depends also on your attitude in regard to respecting the instructions that have been clearly explained.
    It is strongly recommended before beginning the activities that you tie back long hair, and wear comfortable clothing without buttons or zippers i.e. shorts and a t-shirt, that will slide easily. The releasees are not responsible in the case of marks or tears to clothing sustained in the activities. The releasees reserve the right to interrupt the activities if they judge that the weather conditions demand it, in which case another time will be scheduled, or a full refund given.
    Medical Acknowledgement: I am in good physical health and do not suffer from any handicaps or physical conditions that could constitute a danger to myself or others as a result of my participation in the activities as such participation will place unusual mental and physical stresses on the body and is not recommended for people suffering from Asthma, epilepsy, Cardio/respiratory disorder, hypertension, skeletal, joint or ligament conditions, cardiac or pulmonary conditions, high blood pressure, neurological disorders, chronic neck or back problems or a history of aneurysms.
    If I am under the age of 18 years, my parents or guardians will sign here on my behalf.
    Adult Name_______________________________________________


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