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Thanks to Amelia, Matt, Pete and Pete, Kristin, Holley, the cafe crew, and all the other staff (geez, my memory for names is bad!) for such a fun-filled adventurous day. Jonas absolutely loved it! Over six and a half hours of solid enjoyment for a six year old boy! And, everyone, just a hint: bring cash for the cafe! The kids will learn so much about taking risks and assessing how to be safe. Huge swings, bubble soccer that ends up being a rolling and crashing fest, spider webs for the young kids to climb, tight rope walking, climbing frames, bocce, bouldering, ochre art and lots of nature play; it’s just the start of an amazing facility of which Denmarkians should be proud. Can’t wait to join Jonas for a sloshing ride down the hillside in one of those hydro-orbs, which will open mid next week. Also climbing through the treetops, giant chess, and many other activities which will expand on what is already there. Just remember that you need to let the team know when you are coming, as bookings are required. The local season pass is great value. So, get on board and be a member of this amazing park.

Jason Young